Through our broad array of our OTC Structured Products, INTL FCStone Markets, LLC is capable of addressing the following specific hedging concerns:

  • Trending markets
  • End of trend
  • Range-bound markets
  • Anticipation of steady to higher/steady to lower trends 

The effective use of Swaps and FX Forwards requires a thorough understanding of how the OTC structure is created and implemented. We are committed to educating our consultants regarding derivatives who, in turn, stand ready to meet our customers’ needs. 

Our high caliber expertise in portfolio construction lends itself to successfully developing a customized hedging program.

Our expert team analyzes a client’s entire risk profile, combined with the client’s initial hedging target, in order to locate hedging potential in areas that may not have been initially considered. We will assist you in building a comprehensive risk management strategy to help diversify a client’s market exposure.

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