Arlan Suderman Market Outlook Webinar

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USDA’s January report can be one of the most volatile of the year, setting the stage for the next several months. USDA will release its final production estimates for 2019, even though significant quantities of corn are still unharvested in the snow of the northern Midwest. Nonetheless, its January report will be almost exclusively reflective of farm survey results, opening the door for surprises. It will be released with a companion quarterly stocks report that often contains surprises. The risk of that is even higher this year due to the late harvest of lower-quality crops. Furthermore, it make potential adjustments in its South American corn and soybean production estimates, and USDA will release its first survey-based winter wheat seedings estimates for 2020 amid drought conditions in the southwestern Plains and a late soybean harvest across the belt that may have impacted double-crop wheat acres.

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